How to get GrameenPhone Emergency Balance

Written By Unknown on Sunday, November 30, 2014 | 8:49 AM

How to get GrameenPhone Tk. 100 Emergency Balance
Now GrameenPhone Offer Emergency Balance Up to 10 to 100Taka for their customers. Every user will not get taka 100 emergency balance. The amount will deducted from your recharge. Dial *577*12# to know how much you will get Emergency Balance service.

Trams & policy for Grameenphone Emergency Balance:
* All GP user's are allowed for the Emergency Balance.
* Every user's will get minimum TK. 10.
* This balance is similar to main balance.
* To get emergency balance dial *1010*1#
* Validation 30 days
* Dial *566*28# to know emergency balance.
* Without valid main account, you are not applicable for emergency balance.
* All package, service & traffic will remain unchanged.
* VAT applicable.

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